I’m so pleased to say that my Contemporary Western Romance, Sweet and Wild is free on Kindle til the end of the day today!

Here’s the blurb:

Quinn Emery is a true, dyed in the wool cowgirl, from the brim of her Stetson to the tips of her favorite old pair of Tony Lama’s. She’s returned from college, bent on raising Quarter Horses under the wide South Dakota sky and nothing is going to distract her from that goal. Not a narcissistic ex-boyfriend, her brother’s fantastically successful dude ranch or a her desire for a place to call her own.

Craig Lynch has come home too. Now a widower with a ten-year-old daughter, he has to reestablish a life as a rancher after traveling all over the world. Not such an easy task, but when he sees Quinn, he knows life is going to get much more complicated. Last he saw her she was ten, but now she’s an incredibly sexy woman and the attraction is too strong to ignore.

Falling in love, however, has more complications than either bargain for. A reluctant daughter, the jealousy of an ex-boyfriend, and the shadow of Craig’s late wife nearly destroy everything, but Craig is determined to convince Quinn that love can overcome anything.

You can pick up your copy HERE.

And here are my eight sentences!

“You alone?”

“I am.”

She visibly relaxed, dropping her hands to her hips. The expression on her face changed from nervous surprise to seduction. “Are you just passing through?” She picked her way through the grass, her hips swaying in a sexy sashay.

“Looking for you, actually.”

Quinn stopped at Thunder’s shoulder and put a hand on Craig’s leg and said, “I think you found me.”


Go grab your copy! As long as you get over to Weekend Writing Warriors for other awesome authors!


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