Welcome to a snowy Wednesday!  We are getting hit, yet again, with another snow storm here in beautiful New Hampshire. I guess it’s all good. My oldest heads north to compete in NH Special Olympics winter games so they need the snow.  But still….

Today I’m going to offer a hook from my upcoming Soul Mate Publishing release No Going Back.


As if moving from Los Angeles to a New Hampshire town with less than two hundred residents isn’t enough for ex-Hollywood socialite, Ari Milbanke, she has a house full of someone else’s life, the lonely ghost of a teen-aged girl and a handsome neighbor who runs a horse rescue facility. She has a lot ahead of her as she settles her two young daughters into their new life while trying to hide the one she left behind.

Sam Beauchamp was content with his life. Rescuing and training horses has always satisfied him, but when newcomer, Ari and her daughters came into his life he realized how much was missing. Even the ghost attached to the decade’s old mysterious disappearance isn’t enough to deter him. What might, though, is Ari’s inability to be open with her past and who she really is.

So, here’s my hook:

It only took a second to recognize Tall, Brawny and Handsome mounted on a sturdy bay. Sam. She didn’t know his last name. So, he was her closest neighbor. How interesting.

Ari called Bella to her side and pulled Lily’s stroller over to make way for the horse and rider. She heard Bella sigh, “Wow,” and she glanced down. Her daughter held onto her waist, but her eyes were wide as saucers.

“That’s the prettiest horse in the world,” Bella said with great reverence.

Ari chuckled, though she agreed. She took a moment to admire both man and horse. If she had thought Sam tall, dark, and handsome in the fireman’s uniform, seeing him on the back of a horse sent her blood surging in a way it hadn’t done in a long time.

No Going Back has a tentative release date of March 27th.

Check out all the other great hooks over at HUMP DAY HOOK! See you next week!



10 thoughts on “HUMP DAY HOOK-Feb 27th

  1. Congrats on getting published!
    I’d probably have Bella’s reaction, lol. I’m a sucker for horses. But if it came with a tall, dark, and handsome man, I wouldn’t complain 😉
    Nice job. Can’t wait to read more about these characters.

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