Happy Sunday Everyone!

We’ve made it to March and I couldn’t be happier! I’m glad February is behind us because it was a rough one, weatherwise. I hear spring comes in March, and I’m counting on it! Yeah, I know black flies and mud come too, but I’ll be glad to see winter go buh-bye.

So, here we are with another Weekend Writing Warrior. I’m going to be sharing 8 sentences or my upcoming Soul Mate Publishing release, No Going Back. I actually introduced characters from the story this past Wednesday. Today we’re going to see Ari’s little problem with her new-to-her home.


The sound of wood against wood, as if a chair moved on the floor caught Ari’s attention. The disturbance came from behind the closed door to Ruth Anne’s room.

“Crap,” Ari whispered brokenly and edged backward against the wall opposite the closed door. A chill flooded through her body, catching in her throat.

She hadn’t been inside since that first day. The room reminded her of some kind of shrine and now, familiar with the unfortunate Ruth Anne, she sort of understood why.

Could John have snuck in the house? Be in there right now?


Thanks for stopping in and please make sure you go over to visit the other authors taking part in Weekend Writing Warriors! They’re well worth it!



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