Hi all,

I’m going to continue on with No Going Back, since its release date is fast approaching (Mar 27th from Soul Mate Publishing).

Ari and Sam are discussing the ghost that haunts Ari’s new house. But Sam’s thoughts are on a little more than ghosts.


“Well, thank God Bella sleeps soundly. She hasn’t heard anything.” Ari shivered. “It gives me the creeps, but I guess I can put up with a few footsteps.” She chuckled, a smooth sound. “As long as I don’t meet her in the hallway or anything, I guess we can live in peace.”

“Very calm and levelheaded.” He grinned. For a long moment their gazes met and held. The first time he’d seen her he’d been attracted to her. Hell, she was gorgeous. Any man in his right mind would be fascinated, but it disturbed him at how much he wanted her. For the first time since he lost Denise, he had a powerful urge to kiss a woman. Of course, he couldn’t do something so totally impetuous.

Still, he liked the way she bit her full bottom lip, which didn’t help calm the hot desire stirring in the pit of his stomach. Quickly he looked away before he completely lost it.

Hope to see everyone back on Sunday for Weekend Writing Warriors! But in the meantime, make sure you get over to Hump Day Hook for lots more!


10 thoughts on “HUMP DAY HOOK-Mar 6th

  1. Didn’t quite get hooked on this one. Guess neither character really tugged me. Good writing though!

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