HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!!  What a joke!!! We have nearly a foot of new snow on the ground. Someone should find that old groundhog and send him packing because he was so wrong on his prediction of an early spring! This time last year we had temps in the 80’s! I am not amused.

Okay, welcome to Hump Day Hook, where I post a hook from something I’m working on, or one of my published titles. Today I’m posting a bit from one of my many unfinished projects, a haunted in Maine series I have in the works. (And this is a first draft version, so excuse any messes)


“Hello Heathcliff,” Monica murmured, her voice shaky.

All this time Romy had thought she and Monica had been alone in The Haven. Should have been alone, but standing, hands gripping the railing above them, was a man, glaring down at them.

The iciness that had merely surrounded Romy a few seconds before seemed to now sink straight to her bones. It melted quickly though. No one was supposed to be in here. It was her house now.

“Hey,” she called up to him but he remained silent.

“My God, who is he?” Monica gripped Romy’s arm. “He’s been here the whole time?”

“I don’t know.” Romy didn’t take her eyes off the man who continued to stare silently down at them. He wasn’t exactly glaring anymore. His head tilted to the side, his dark brows furrowing. He was handsome, tall and slim, dressed in a jacket and tie. Dark hair curled over his forehead and a beard darkened his chin.

As attractive as he was, though, Romy didn’t want to get any closer to him. She grabbed Monica’s hand. “I’m calling the cops,” she called up, but the man on the second floor landing didn’t react. He just stood there, staring down at them.

Then slowly he reached his hand out to her.

Romy yanked Monica and turned around, running straight into a wall of man.

Yeah, I know, what woman wouldn’t want a wall of man in her home.  Make sure you head over to Hump Day Hook to check out more hooks!


9 thoughts on “HUMP DAY HOOK-Mar 20th

  1. Were there two men there or did the first one get down to where they were so fast the girls didn’t have time to move? You certainly caght my attention with this.

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