Monday has that tendency. I get to thinking about everything I need to do for the week (appt in Concord, dentist, shopping, laundry, etc) and it wears me out before it really starts. That’s not even taking into account the list of things I need to get for my son to go on his first Boy Scout camping trip this coming weekend.

I’ve also been waiting and waiting for the specialist my doctor is trying to hook me up with to call and schedule an appointment. This’ll be going on 3 weeks. I guess I’ll have to be proactive and call her and get her going. I’m ready to be done with this.

And in writing news……..


I’ve been working to get Sweet and Wild in print with Createspace. I got my proof in the mail the other day. So nice to hold a copy of my book! Unfortunately it has some issues, so it’s back to the drawing board with it. I probably should’ve paid someone to format it, but I have faith that I’ll be able to get it done and out there on the market.

Everyone have a fabulous week!


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