HUMP DAY HOOK ~ Wed June 19th


Morning all!

I’ve got another hook from The Better Man, which is FREE on Amazon today! I hope everyone will go grab a copy!


Lorelei Warren is facing every bride’s nightmare; she’s been left at the altar with nothing but a Dear Jane letter from the cheating groom, and a church full of friends and family. Will Draper, her best friend and the best man is there to pick up the pieces. He’s been in love with Lorelei for years and he can’t resist her. Now Lori has to decide what direction her life will head, especially when it comes to Will. Can she risk losing his friendship or is what she feels for Will worth pursuing?


Where was she? Probably out having lunch. With each moment that passed, the anxiety grew until he had to push it aside. This was crazy! He felt like a damned stalker, sitting here. It was no good. She had to live her life and he couldn’t interfere. She’d hate him for butting in

He’d leave, drive back to Manchester and hop a return flight to Orlando. No harm, no foul. When Lori came home, they’d work it out. And this time, he was not going to let her walk away without a fight.

“I’m going to head out and find a hotel,” he told the girl at the front desk. “Please, don’t mention to Lori that I was here. I’d rather let it be a surprise.”

“Okay, sir.”

“Thanks.” He smiled and headed for the front door.

As he reached for the handle, the door opened and Lori strode in, nearly colliding with him. She stopped quickly, an embarrassed grin on her beautiful face as she stepped back.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I really need to slow down— Oh, my God.”

Lori slapped her hand over her gaping mouth and stared, blood draining from her cheeks.  Damn. So much for quick exits and pretending he’d never made this foolish trip. He waited for the man to come in behind her, but no one did. She was apparently alone.


Go get your copy of The Better Man! And for more Hump Day Hooks, go HERE.


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