So, What I’ve Been Up To…

Well, I find it appalling that I haven’t posted anything since this summer. I have to change that right here and now.  I remember the times when I used to post nearly day. I need to get back to that. I guess it’s all about time management (which is like a four-letter word to me).

Happy New Year (3 months late)!! I guess I should say Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas as well. I hope everyone had wonderful holidays. It’s been a good year so far for me. I have an upcoming release, The Staying Kind, with Soul Mate Publishing. Should be out this spring. And I’m embarking on another Soul Mate Publishing project that will allow me to bring to life a story I wrote ten years ago. It’s going to involve a lot of rewrites, but it’s a story I’ve always loved.

Other writing news I entered my erotic romance Siren’s Soul, in the Chesapeake Romance Writers Rudy Contest and TA DA!!!!

Rudy G E

Now I need to find a home for this first in a trilogy.

So, I have a rather full plate. Lots of projects that require my attention, and I really need to push the marketing (another four-letter word).

On that note, time to get back to writing.



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