First Kiss Friday

Since my blog is up and all shiny new, I thought I’d do something different.

First Kiss Friday.

Today I’m going to post Travis and Rio’s first kiss from my latest release The Staying Kind.


“Thanks for the nachos. And the conversation.”

Gazing down at her, desire swelled inside him again. For a moment he could see through the cracks in her armor.

“Anytime.” He fingered a lock of her hair. It felt like silk.

Despite all his determination not to do this, he drew her closer, and slid his hand into her thick waves.

She met his kiss with a sigh and opened up to him.

God, she was sweet. Hot and giving. He half expected her to push him away. Instead she wound her arms around his neck and pressed herself close.

Her body melted into his as her hands explored the muscles of his back. He could easily concentrate on the way her palms glided against his body, but instead he focused on the bold, yet innocent way her lips touched, tasted, and tempted him.

As the kiss deepened, as his tongue invaded the heat of her mouth, he heard her moan. She joined in the erotic dance with a succulent, heady kiss, her lips as perfect as he’d suspected. He would’ve been glad to keep delving deeper into this untapped passion if he could.

He thought of sweeping her up into his arms, carrying her to her room, and stripping off her pajamas so he could discover all of her. Until that damned sensible voice inside his head spoke, telling him this wasn’t right, they barely knew each other. So much about her remained a mystery.

As tiny as the voice sounded, it was powerful enough to cut through to his clouded mind, past the roaring of his blood.

Rio pulled away first. She stepped back, bumping into the counter. Her eyes were wide, scared.

“Oh Travis,” she whispered. “Oh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean—”

“No, don’t.” He wanted to hold her. Again she was on the verge of flight. One wrong word, one move toward her and she’d be gone. That was the last thing he wanted.




If anyone wants to share the first kiss from their book, please feel free!


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