First Kiss Friday

Good Morning! 

I can’t believe it’s almost the beginning of the end of summer!  The time certainly does fly, and I certainly never get done what I mean to get done. But it’s been a productive summer, so no complaints.

It’s also First Kiss Friday! One of the manuscripts I’ve been working on in my “spare” time is the sequel to my book Sweet and Wild.  So, even though it’s not ready for release, I thought I’d post the first kiss between Jacob and Ash.


      She nestled her chin into the crook of his neck and shoulder. She let her hand brush against his chest, ran it across the light hair torso. Against her palm, his heart beat hard and fast. He was breathing heavier too, she felt it against her cheek, felt it in the movement of his chest. His arms tightened, pulling her closer. If she tipped her head up she would be able to touch his lips.

     Suddenly that’s all she wanted. To feel his lips on her. Taste him. Know him completely. She didn’t want to stop with just kissing him. That was the problem. She wanted all of him.

     Jacob touched her cheek, stroked his fingers down to her chin and lifted it so she met his eyes. Dark, sad, yet filled with longing. He dipped his mouth to hers, gently touched his lips to hers and paused there. They shared breath as they stayed that way for a long moment, barely touching. Waiting. Finally she pressed harder, opened her mouth to his so he could kiss her more completely.

     Ash shut away the voice in her head telling her to stop, that this wasn’t right and she’d regret it as soon as it happened. She planned on denying the regret as long as she could. Jacob pulled her so she was cradled in his arms, across his lap. His hands dug into her hair as he kissed her harder, his mouth exploring hers with an intensity that left her mindless.

     She stroked her hand down his chest, remembering through the fog of desire, that he was totally naked under the blanket, and his arousal was very apparent through the material.

     Don’t let this happen. Stop it now before you won’t be able to.


I hope everyone has a lovely holiday weekend!



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