2 thoughts on “PURE OF HEART BOOK BLAST!

  1. Good Morning! Thanks so much for hosting me on your blog today, Cerian, and thanks to the readers for your questions and comments. Btw…I love your name and its pronunciation:D I’ll be checking in here and there today, and I’d love to chat with all of you.

    I love history, and I do extensive research on every one of my novels. My goal is to portray the time period as accurately as possible. Set during the 18th century in the midst of a world ravaged by revolutions, Pure of Heart follows the heroine, Contesse Blanchefort, as she travels the English countryside in search of the family that abandoned her as a child. Socially outcast because of her achromatic condition (albinism), she’s guided on her quest by a rogue Romani (Gypsy) and a pagan druid woman that don’t see eye to eye. Along the way, she meets and falls in love with an Englishman studying to be a surgeon. Isn’t that just typical of Lady Fate?

    I hope you enjoyed my small excerpt of Pure of Heart. The first edition of this novel was released in 2015 with a small vanity press, and I received my rights back last spring. It needed a fresh revamp with new material and a brand new cover, and I’m so pleased with this second edition!

    I’d love to answer any questions you might have about the stories, the time period, my writing, or any other whimsy you might have! I’ll check back in periodically today. Don’t forget to comment to be entered to win my Rafflecopter!


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