Life: Never a Dull Moment

Okay, so I hope everyone will excuse the appearance of this post. I’m writing it from my phone.

The past several days have been a little TOO eventful for the family. This past weekend my son got sick. We thought it was the flu. High temperatures, lethargic. Monday I brought him to the doctor. His leg hurt too. When the doctor checked it out we were startled to see it was so red. My son is seventeen. He wears long pants and never mentioned a problem, so this was a shock.

We were sent immediately to the ER where he was given a big dose of antibiotics.  Doctor said it looked like cellulitis.  We were sent home but were to return the next day for another dose of antibiotics through an iv.

That night he started having chest pain and difficulty breathing.  Back to the ER.

Not long after that the doctor decided to transport him to UMass Worcester for better care.  They believed he had inflammation of his heart.  Scary stuff!! Crazy too!

We were only at Worcester for a few hours when the doctors there decided he’d be better at Boston Children’s Hospital.

We’re on Day 3 here .  Justin is still in the cardiac ICU but he’s making progress.  The doctors want him out of bed and walking a bit which Justin is actually looking forward to. Still, we’re still waiting for all the answers. Waiting on results on tests on his heart and leg.

A gazillion people in and out and poking and prodding him, but he is taking everything in stride, asking all sorts of questions.  Amazing kid!

This isn’t my first time in the cardiac ICU at Boston Children’s. My oldest had heart surgery here twice. This is the best place to be if something is wrong.

Everything in my life is on hold until we’re home. Not sure when that’ll be but we’ll get there.





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