Welcome to my page! First of all, I’ve been asked to clarify one thing: the pronunciation of my name, Cerian is pronounced KERIAN (I will answer to Carrie-Ann as well). I have to correct everyone who calls me SER-IAN. I was very sensitive about it when I was approaching my preteen years. Nowadays if you call me Serian, well, so be it. But I will still correct you.

At the age of twelve I was going to be a great mystery/adventure writer. I had it all planned out. My friends and I were going to be the main characters and our adventures in our rural neighborhood the basis for the stories. I even planned on using my father’s publishing company. It felt good to have connections.

That didn’t pan out too well. Adventures in the neighborhood gave way to an enduring interest in horses and boys. So, instead of writing about twelve year olds solving mysteries regarding old, empty houses and strange gusts of icy wind that appeared to follow us around, I started writing about romance. And horses. I’ve managed to move on a bit from the horses too, but I still love to include them in some of my work when I can.

I’m from Minnesota originally, but I’ve lived in New Hampshire since I was about 11. I’ve also lived in Maine, New York, Florida and briefly in Iowa, but New Hampshire is my home, no matter how much I long to escape for a different way of life sometimes.

In my life I’ve dreamt of being an Olympic horseback rider, the curator of the Smithsonian Institute of Natural History in Washington DC, a paleontologist, and a famous actress in Hollywood.

None of those panned out either. But that’s okay. No matter what I was doing, no matter how exciting or mundane, I always had a collection of notebooks full of ideas

Currently I live in southwestern New Hampshire with two of my adult children, two dogs, and one cat. My mundane job keeps me busy working for a tech company. Someday I hope to make enough at my writing to retire from the glamorous life as a customer support representative.

Please let that day come soon!