Had To Do It

I didn’t put up a Daily Inspiration this morning because I was running short on time. But here he is… the model for my hero from Dreamer’s Sea, Jonas (aka James Tupper aka Jack Slattery from Men In Trees). Nummy

Please Don’t Make Me Go….

Okay this isn’t so much a Daily Inspiration as it is a Daily Rant….. This is my life in the office. Well, except for the hairstyles and clothes. I’m so looking forward to the day I can give up the daily grind and quit my job. You know, the day that I can make a … More Please Don’t Make Me Go….


Editing Has Begun.

I have submitted my first chapter to my crit group. What I noticed is that it doesn’t jump right into any action, but personally I don’t want it too. I think at the length it is I have more time for things to unfold. Dreamer’s Sea is more of a single title kind of story. … More Editing Has Begun.

It’s Editing Time

I think it’s time to put aside the new stuff and tackle the monster that is Dreamer’s Sea. I’m just talking about the size of the story, not the content. This is going to be a looong project and I thought seriously about letting a friend read through it first, but I really want to … More It’s Editing Time