Another Day At Home

This cold is just stomping me into the ground. It’s been over a week and I’m not much better off. I hate colds. I’d rather have a 3 day stomach flu than a week and half cold like this.TMI?And I’ve had kids home nearly every day since last week. Various kids in various combinations. Today … More Another Day At Home

A Day Of Rest

Well, not really, but it was a day away from writing anyway. Except for some notebook writing, I stayed away from NaNo yesterday.But I did help make Whoopie Pies, chili, go to the grocery store twice (which is a long trip since we have no grocery store within 20 minutes of home) and did a … More A Day Of Rest

On The Brink

Yes folks, tomorrow is the big day. I’m really not pleased that November is starting on a Saturday. I actually find weekends the most difficult time to write. If I get up early to get something done I’m generally followed by my DH who loves to chit chat. And I work a full day on … More On The Brink

A Really Good Dream

If only it could happen in real life. I dreamed that I heard back from Harlequin and they included a check for 9400.00 as an advance for That Kind Of Magic! Wow! I was absolutely thrilled. And to add to it I had another letter from another publisher with a check for 120.00 for a … More A Really Good Dream

To NaNo Or Not To NaNo… that is the question

I’ll probably wait til the last minute to decide. I have to weigh the projects I have going against starting something new. Currently I’m still working on Dreamers Sea (this was my 2006 NaNo project), but I’m thiiiisss close to finishing it. Just have to rewrite the beginning and then I’m going to send it … More To NaNo Or Not To NaNo… that is the question