This Is No Fun

I’m trying to update my website without the help of my webmaster. It isn’t working. At all. Okay, so the good news is that with his help, I’ve got a new free read up and running. But I’m trying to do the reviews and even with the handy dandy book on Front Page I’m still … More This Is No Fun

Tendonitis Bites

Seriously. I’m starting shots on Monday. I can’t wait and I’m hoping that relief will be quick. Not that I love going to work every day, but at the moment facing a day of typing makes me want to weep. And then I have to come home and write. Owie. Okay, enough of my whining. … More Tendonitis Bites

Taking The Leap

This morning I applied for a First Time Homebuyers loan. We’ve lived in the same apartment for the past 8 years. And before that we lived in an apartment. And before that… well you get the picture. I’m ready for my own home. We’re outgrowing our living space and it’s no fun dealing with the … More Taking The Leap

A Plan…. for now

I’m trying to come up with a writing plan. I’ve been doing a lot of handwriting of my sequel to Sweet Forever, pages of notebook, when I’ve been hanging out in the van waiting for some person or another. I think (for today) that I’ll dedicate my mornings to writing this story and the afternoons … More A Plan…. for now