Happy Monday

How many people hate Mondays? Show of hands. I know I do.Put it down to the fact that I only have one day off a week. Sunday flies by and way too soon for me it’s Monday and that means the start of another six day work week. It’s starting to wear on me even … More Happy Monday

The Sun Is Out

And snow is melting. We got wholloped again yesterday with a nice combination of snow and freezing rain. Kids were off school AGAIN, but today is beautiful and sunny and everything is melting. Well, for now. Well, I’ve hit another snag in my 2008 NaNo story. The end is so close I can taste it, … More The Sun Is Out

Super Sunday

Ding Dong the kids go back to school.. La la la. lala la la. Tomorrow, that is. They’ve been out for 24 days (including weekends)! Holy frijoles! Two of them have decided they want to be homeschooled. Yah, as if. My third is estatic (I found her crying over her yearbook last week because she … More Super Sunday

WELCOME 2009!!

At last it’s here! How many people are glad to see 2008 out of the way *raising hand*. Here’s to a better year! A year of lots of books being published!So, I’ve officially begun JaNoWrMo, but it feels just like any other day. Same story, just keeping track of that word count. Actually I’m looking … More WELCOME 2009!!

As If

I needed another wip to work on. Yesterday I remembered another one sitting in my files and thought “hmmm… that could make a good short story for Samhain.” It’s already 7900 words long and has a ways to go before I can finish it, which is possible.So, there ya have it. Now I have 3… … More As If