I Feel Better

I heard from Samhain today, a very nice letter from the editor who reviewed Forever Home. She gave me the reasons behind the rejection, so I’m feeling better now. Of course I’m still bummed out that they didn’t take it, but at least I know why.So, now I have to work on my characters. They … More I Feel Better


I’m feeling completely and utterly frustrated!I’m feeling bored with my current wip so, upon recommendation, should find something else to work on. Problem is I’m not “into” any of my wips. Maybe I’m just needing a bit of a writing break. I hate taking breaks though. I want to write through it, but when I’m … More Frustration!

WELCOME 2009!!

At last it’s here! How many people are glad to see 2008 out of the way *raising hand*. Here’s to a better year! A year of lots of books being published!So, I’ve officially begun JaNoWrMo, but it feels just like any other day. Same story, just keeping track of that word count. Actually I’m looking … More WELCOME 2009!!

New Direction

Well, after thinking about it for a few days I think I’m going to have to rewrite at least the first 5 or so pages of Dreamer’s Sea. I’m kind of bummed out about it, but seriously, those first pages are a little slow. Generally, with my shorter manuscripts, I jump right into the center … More New Direction