9 Days To Go!

Can’t believe we’re in the home stretch! The good news is that I still believe that I’m going to reach the goal. All I’ll need is my handy dandy laptop and some quiet time at my mom’s house and voila! And the good news is that this story is going to run well over 50K. … More 9 Days To Go!



I’m so excited!! I have my very first book trailer for Sweet Forever. Thank you so much Marianne and Judy at Goddess Fish Promotions. I absolutely love it!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~In other news, yesterday was another washout of a writing day. I got a few hundred words written but most of my day was dedicated to running kids … More BOOK TRAILER!!!!

20 Days…

There are 20 days left of NaNo. I’m psyched. I really want to finish my 50k THIS week. I’ve got so many ideas for this story, it could go on longer, but I think when I reach my goal I’ll get back to some old projects. Well, I got shot down by Agent #2. She … More 20 Days…