I was thinking about a manuscript I have, Dreamers Sea. It’s a complete manuscript but I’m completely dissatisfied with it. It lacks umph and angst (great words). So, over the last many months I’ve been wracking my brains as to what to do with this story. I love the characters, I love the settings and … More Cheating?

Feels Like Winter

I really hate the time when we have to have the heat turned on on a regular basis. Might as well just grab fistfuls of money and throw it out the window. Sure, I love this time of the year in every other way, except the cold. And the knowledge that a long winter is … More Feels Like Winter

I’m Getting There

Up to 17103 words now and the day is young. I’m not finding it difficult to keep up the pace despite the challenges every day. Everyone seems to understand, so that helps. Marianne was commenting on her blog the other day that when her husband is home he interrupts her flow of writing. Mine does … More I’m Getting There