Hairy Driving and Missing Luggage

Well, we did it. Survived another trip to Logan. We got there early again and it didn’t start snowing until we were nearly there. So, we had another long wait. My DS rode the escalator to his hearts content (hey, we’re small town folk). The flight arrived… early…. without us knowing. There’s no TV screen … More Hairy Driving and Missing Luggage



I’ve put aside my short story. Just wasn’t talking to me. In it’s place I started writing the fantasy. I’ve discovered that it’s a lot more work than a contemporary romance. I keep having to stop to look up bits of information. But it’s all worth it.Here is the collage for the story. So, I … More Next

It’s Baaaaack

Winter in New England has returned. Any minute they’re going to post that school has been cancelled today. Three kids will be thrilled and one kid will be bummed. But it matters not to me, I’ll still be going to work. At least I can walk to work instead of driving. I really need to … More It’s Baaaaack