Well, Friday is here. Yeah! I’m posting an excerpt from my first book Finally Home which is available in print or e-book. ***************************************************** “You want a partner? My twenty thousand, my equipment, my horses, and my indoor riding arena.” She heard Alex suck in his breath. It was such an illogical proposition that she didn’t … More CONTEST DAY 5


I’m sad that there’s only 2 days left of this contest. I’m having fun!Thanks so much to everyone who’s concerned about my arm. I really appreciate it! I’m sure it’ll be better soon.Today’s excerpt is from Sweet Forever ****************************************** Excitement ran through Ben as he waited for Hayden to collect her things. It was a … More CONTEST DAY 4


Well, I have my desk top back but my arm still hurts. Thanks for all the notes of concern. I appreciate it. I know I have to rest, but its so hard to do that when I have a 104k manuscript to edit. Anyway, onto the important stuff. Got lots of responses over the past … More CONTEST DAY 3


BIG WEEK!! SWEET FORVER IS AVAILABLE IN PRINT AT SAMHAIN PUBLISHING AND ALL SORTS OF PLACES LIKE AMAZON.COM, BORDERS AND BARNES AND NOBLE TOMORROW, FEBRUARY 26TH!!!So, in honor of it’s big premiere, I’m holding a contest for a FREE SIGNED COPY of Sweet Forever.Each day this week I’ll post an excerpt from one of my … More CONTEST TIME!!!!!!!


AND THEY’RE BEAUTIFUL! The lovely UPS man delivered my books to my work address (luckily I work just down the street so it’s the same driver). I also made a breakthrough and showed three of my coworkers my books. Up til now no one at work knew that I’m a published author. They were very … More THEY’RE HERE!!!

Decisions Decisions

Well, it’s been a tough month. While I’m over 25K on my NaNo project, I am really thinking that I should be doing other things, like working on Dreamer’s Sea so I can get it out there. It’s certainly closer to being done and right now I have to concentrate on getting another manuscript out … More Decisions Decisions