One of my favorite songs along with one of my favorite TV couples… Ahhhh…. memories. That’s all. Nothing else to say.

Snow…sleet… rain… We’re having Winter Soup

It’s pretty yucky out there and not likely to get better anytime soon. In fact it’s just going to get slop out of this one. Why? Okay, I couldn’t find the video I wanted for my daily inspiration so I found a clip about one of the cutest tv couples in history. Well, I have … More Snow…sleet… rain… We’re having Winter Soup



I didn’t write yesterday afternoon. I was running around too much and everytime I found myself at the computer I was distracted and then I’d have to leave the computer. I couldn’t stay focused. I’m writing a new scene and I need that concentration.Oh, and I didn’t write anything this morning. I had to watch … More Oops