I’ve got two writing projects up in the air right now. I’ve got the edits and the crits going on Dreamer’s Sea and I’ve been typing my fingers off to get my notebook full of Where I’ll Stay onto my Word document. I’m really happy with this WIP. The heroine in this story is so … More Juggling

Writing Funk

Yeah, nothing has changed since last night. I keep telling myself that if I just push through a little more I’ll get more into the story, and this should be a hint to me that maybe something is lacking in the story and I need to fix it.Later. Right now I’m reading over what I … More Writing Funk

God Laughs

at plans. Well, he must be having a heck of a belly buster at my expense. I’ve hardly done any editing on Dreamer’s Sea AT ALL. It’s very sad. I want to get it done but by evening I’m just beat and I have the attention span of a goldfish. Maybe I should be doing … More God Laughs

A Plan…. for now

I’m trying to come up with a writing plan. I’ve been doing a lot of handwriting of my sequel to Sweet Forever, pages of notebook, when I’ve been hanging out in the van waiting for some person or another. I think (for today) that I’ll dedicate my mornings to writing this story and the afternoons … More A Plan…. for now