A Big Day!

So I thought I’d come out of hiding and post today. I really didn’t realize that it’s been so long since my last post. Whatever is wrong with me?!?! Anyway, in the past few days I’ve had some movement in my writing career. Is it good or bad? Well, nearly any writing movement is good. … More A Big Day!



I’m sad that there’s only 2 days left of this contest. I’m having fun!Thanks so much to everyone who’s concerned about my arm. I really appreciate it! I’m sure it’ll be better soon.Today’s excerpt is from Sweet Forever ****************************************** Excitement ran through Ben as he waited for Hayden to collect her things. It was a … More CONTEST DAY 4


Well, I have my desk top back but my arm still hurts. Thanks for all the notes of concern. I appreciate it. I know I have to rest, but its so hard to do that when I have a 104k manuscript to edit. Anyway, onto the important stuff. Got lots of responses over the past … More CONTEST DAY 3

Another Step Forward

More Miracle. See, Marianne, my cat likes to lay all over my stuff just like your puppy does. I have the great advantage of having a super helper with my galley corrections. Okay, fine, I’m horrible with punctuation. I don’t know if I use too many commas or not enough. I think I need to … More Another Step Forward

What? A Day Off???

First of all I want to wish my friend and fellow writer Marianne a very happy birthday!!!I took the day off today with the intention of driving up north to VT to visit my father in law who is recovering from some heavy duty surgery but unfortunatly Mother Nature has foiled those plans with a … More What? A Day Off???

It Oughta Be A Law

That the day after the elections, by say 5pm, every single campaign sign should be removed and recycled in some way. I’m tired of looking at all the signs out there, and this year they seem to have been going to an extreme. Fifteen Hillary signs in one little island. At least that many Edward … More It Oughta Be A Law

Goals and Such

I have finally remembered my ideas on a possible NaNoWriMo project. All last week I was trying to remember what I wanted to write about. I had had an idea but for the life of me I couldn’t remember what it was. Put it down to too much going on in my life right now. … More Goals and Such

New Review and other things

I received this review over at Romance Reviews TodayWHERE ONE ROAD LEADS – Ceri HebertSamhain Publishing – http://www.samhainpublishing.comISBN: 1-59998-548-9July 2007Romantic SuspenseQuail Ridge, New Hampshire – Present DayAfter fifteen years, Krista Faye is going back to her childhood home in Quail Ridge. As a photojournalist, she has faced many dangerous places in the world, but none … More New Review and other things