I’m thinking of making the infant in my book an older child. I think then there can be more interaction between her and my hero. So poof, Lily may going to go from 7 months to 4 years. There are ways that that won’t work either, so I have to weigh my options. I thought … More Ch-ch-changes

Word Counts Etc…

I’m doing okay with my word count. Up to 9557 words. I’m not overwhelmingly in love with it, but it still has enough possibilities to keep it going. Thank goodness the elections are over! I think eact political party should have to remove their signs by 5pm the following day. Our intersections are nothing but … More Word Counts Etc…


I’m up to 7451 at the end of my third day of NaNo. I’m pretty darned pleased.While I’m not blown over by the story, I really like the characters and I’m drooling over my model for the hero (see Diane’s blog for more of Jeffrey Dean Morgan). I have to get them in a few … More Yeah!

More Bad Weather, More Words, More Bad Neighbors

But first, THANKS TO DIANE. I won her January contest and received an awesome book yesterday. Please go check out her blog for her February contest.Well, we have another storm pulling into town today. Another one. Didn’t we just have one yesterday??? Um, I think we did. Yeah, I remember walking through an inch or … More More Bad Weather, More Words, More Bad Neighbors

It’s Baaaaack

Winter in New England has returned. Any minute they’re going to post that school has been cancelled today. Three kids will be thrilled and one kid will be bummed. But it matters not to me, I’ll still be going to work. At least I can walk to work instead of driving. I really need to … More It’s Baaaaack

A New Week

Okay, so I still have to write about 1800 words a day to finish NaNo. Can it be done??? Sure. If I really put my mind to it. I like the flow of the story, I’m trying to slowly build up the attraction between my hero and heroine. It wouldn’t be believable otherwise, given who … More A New Week

Less Than A Week…

I can’t believe that in less than a week November will be here. The tough time of the year. It’s not fair that we have all the expensive bills coming up at one time, you know, car registration (2), car inspections… birthdays and Christmas. We need to spread all this out over the year. And … More Less Than A Week…