I love when I stumble across bits of my writing that go waaaay back.

I’ve discovered, in a box filled with school work and drawings dating back to 1970. It’s amazing that I can even remember some of the bits and pieces in that box.

I thought it would be fun to post some of this incredible work, completely for my benefit.

Enjoy. (It even has artwork). (please excuse any issues with grammar and spelling. I was, after all, nine.)



by Cerian Williams
February 4, 1975

Once long ago, even before the first man was on earth, there were monsters. They lived in a land named Monster Land. Monsters were big and small. But the two biggest were Big Birtha. The other one was Big Boggie. Big Birtha was a big monster. She didn’t have a mouth because her nose was to big. Big Boggie was a big bird fish that means half bird and half fish. Big Boggie had strips of all difrent colors. Big Birtha sounds like this ogga ogga. Big Boggie sounds like this Ca Ca Ca. Big Birtha doesn’t like little Lester. Big Boggie doesn’t like Two headed Tom. What really Big Birtha doesn’t like is Little Lester putting pins in her bed. Big Boggie doesn’t like Two Headed Tom putting salt and pepper on his dinner. What makes Big Birtha happy is if Big Boggie makes dinner for her. What makes Big Boggie happy is if Little Lester takes him to the zoo. What makes Big Birtha sad is when Two Headed Tom can’t play. What makes Big Boggie sad is if Little Lester doesn’t take him to the zoo.  What makes Big Birtha afraid is when Little Lester says “BOO!” What makes Big Boggie afraid is when Two Headed Tom says “Boga Boga”.


Sounds like there’s there could be a sequel here. Maybe the tale of Little Lester and Two Headed Tom.